ManageBac User Group Conference Hong Kong: Recap

Hong Kong Academy

33 Wai Man Road
Sai Kung, N.T
Website: http://hkacademy.edu.hk/how-get-here
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J-D Cousens

Faria Education Group
Marketing Associate
Taipei, Taiwan
Faria Systems provides integrated systems to enhance efficiency in international education. Faria Systems is the world's leading provider of software to IB world schools, and offers a fully integrated school management suite: ManageBac for planning, assessment and reporting, OpenApply for admissions & enrollment, and iSAMS, our integration partner, for international school information management. ManageBac, OpenApply and iSAMS provide an integrated cloud-based solution for international schools with a robust core management system linked with two-way data synchronisation and LaunchPad Single-Sing-On. Faria Systems currently serves more than 2,000 leading IB world schools in over 120 countries.

ManageBac: ManageBac is the leading online learning platform for IB world schools and the trusted choice in over 2,000 IB schools worldwide. ManageBac provides coordinators, teachers, students and parents with a more efficient alternative to paper forms, Word documents on shared drives and Excel spreadsheets. It is designed as a turnkey system to support effective implementation and management of the IB programmes. http://managebac.com/

iSAMS: iSAMS is the first management system for schools that is entirely browser-based. Its clever design creates a single database through a suite of portals, to bring together the whole school community. Perfect for everyone involved with the school — from data administrators and staff, to pupils and parents — iSAMS makes all tasks easier. http://www.isams.co.uk/

OpenApply: OpenApply is designed for the modern admissions office. OpenApply helps to streamline and organise your admissions process by eliminating paperwork, improving organisation and providing real-time insight into your applicant pool. It simplifies the admissions process for applicants & families from enquiry to enrolment. http://openapply.com/

My Moderators Sessions

Saturday, May 7

12:00 HKT