ManageBac User Group Conference Hong Kong: Recap

Hong Kong Academy

33 Wai Man Road
Sai Kung, N.T
Website: http://hkacademy.edu.hk/how-get-here
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Hugo Drummond

Shen Wai International School
Student Affairs Coordinator

Hugo Drummond is currently the Student Affairs Coordinator at Shen Wai International School in Shenzhen. He is a big user of ManageBac with teachers, students and parents, using ManageBac to introduce groups, set up ASA’s, help parents track their son/daughter's academic progress, and also keeping ‘pastoral tabs’ on students through their attendance (or non-attendance) on the attendance and behavior tab.

This is the 2nd school where Hugo has helped facilitate the introduction of ManageBac.

This time around, he has found that setting up little ‘user guide videos’ based on the ManageBac user PDF guides for different users and their functions has been very helpful in implementing ManageBac a 2nd time around. He is looking forward to sharing his insights and practical tips with you along with fellow SWIS Managebac implementer Melinda Alford who is the Librarian and ICT Integrator at SWIS.